Google: Publishing Frequency Does Not Make Something Spam

John Mueller of Google claimed on Twitter that “posting regularity alone does not make something spam.” Google’s formulas don’t consider the content volume as a spam signal alone. So if you publish once a month versus 100 pieces of brand-new web content each day, that particularly does not suggest Google sees the site as spammy or not.Some sites publish a ton of new material daily, and others do not. John added that “Publishing each day is great, if you have new & relevant things to upload each day.” Yet if you do not have anything to write daily, don’t require it.Here are those tweets: Posting everyday is fine, if you have new & relevant points to publish everyday. I can’t picture that there’s information concerning LED lights for every single day, however truthfully, I’m not a professional on that particular subject. Posting regularity alone does not make something spam.– John Mueller is mostly not right here (@JohnMu) January 12, 2023 A few years ago, John likewise claimed publishing frequency is not a ranking signal.Forum conversation at Twitter.

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